Strategic imperative 5

Operate with agility and cost efficiency

The Bell team is dedicated to leading the way in a fast-changing Canadian communications industry, driven by a strong focus on agility and efficiency. As Canada’s largest communications company, Bell is consistently investing to improve the customer experience by delivering the best networks, services and content to a growing subscriber base while laying a foundation for long-term growth by centralizing processes and leveraging innovation to reduce costs.

In 2021, Bell continued with initiatives that highlight the team’s focus on operational excellence, efficiency and cost discipline in all aspects of our planning, execution and delivery. This commitment to improving processes, tools and approaches is not only providing better results for customers, but greater efficiency in how work gets done, delivering greater cost efficiency.

Bell’s agile approach was demonstrated in our response to the evolving COVID environment, as we found new ways to support employees working from home and improved on our efforts to safely serve customers in our stores and in the field – all while investing in our networks to enhance speed, reliability and access to keep Canadians connected.


Accelerating our network leadership

We are able to deliver productivity improvements and cost efficiencies resulting from the expansion of Bell’s all-fibre network footprints and the service innovations enabled by new broadband technologies.

Bell’s target to spend up to $14 billion in capital expenditures from 2020 through 2022 is delivering broadband connectivity to more Canadians in locations large and small. Bell’s unparalleled fibre infrastructure is the backbone of Canada’s most‑awarded 5G network, driving competitive efficiencies and enabling the technology of the future, including connected homes and cars, smart cities and other advanced IoT solutions.

We will continue to leverage this inter-connectedness as well as the scope and scale of our fibre footprint to ensure future operational success and value.

Across all customer touchpoints, Bell is committed to creating a seamless experience.

Teamwork drives financial performance

The Bell team is dedicated to delivering on our strategic focus to build the best networks and champion customer experience, delivering innovative service innovations that are reducing churn and operating costs.

Our ongoing investments in next‑generation tools, processes and resources are enabling customers to easily manage their accounts and services from anywhere, further boosting Bell’s strong customer experience track record. Simplifying how we do business for our customers is also streamlining our internal processes, with the added benefit of helping us achieve our objectives more cost-effectively.

Innovative approaches are also leading to great effectiveness on the Bell Media side as well, delivering the most compelling content, the way Canadians want, across all platforms. We are staying ahead of consumer demand by innovating and investing in new technologies to drive new opportunities for all our stakeholders. In 2021, we launched Canada’s first self-serve platform for TV and digital advertisers, offering clients unique opportunities to create innovative targeted marketing campaigns across multiple channels.

Our focus on operational excellence increases the impact of Bell’s scale and resources.

Bell’s ESG approach delivers lasting benefits

Bell’s ESG approach is not only making a positive difference in our communities and our world, it’s also having a transformative effect across our business. It’s leading to new ways of executing on our plans, and generating operational effectiveness and cost management improvements.

Ongoing initiatives such as fleet modernization, electric vehicle charging stations, lighting and heating system optimization, renewable energy use, and accelerated use of cloud and virtual conferencing services are contributing to reductions in our environmental impact and lowering operational costs.

Solid foundation supports future success

A solid financial performance for BCE in 2021, including consolidated revenues and other key metrics almost reaching pre-COVID levels achieved in 2019, has allowed us to maintain significant liquidity, investment-grade credit ratings and fully funded pension plans, all of which support ongoing investments that help us operate more efficiently and effectively. As we continue expanding our fibre and 5G networks, we are able to increase digital adoption and interactions, expand customer self-serve capabilities and enhance our products and services while continuing to improve the ways we work at Bell and make it easier for customers to do business with us. Our financial strength also enables Bell to invest in the industry-leading ESG initiatives that are all part of our Bell for Better commitment.

Bell is building on our long legacy of service and innovation, accelerating Canada’s network infrastructure and maintaining our positive customer service momentum with an eye on disciplined cost management. We’re constantly adapting to lead in a dynamic marketplace to advance how Canadians connect with each other and the world.