Strategic imperative 2

Drive growth with innovative services

Bell is enabling success in an increasingly digital world, bringing more innovation to Canadian homes and businesses on the best networks available. Our historic infrastructure investment means that more people have access to services and tools to grow their business, share information, connect remote communities, be entertained and capitalize on new ideas to improve our world.

This includes fast home and mobile Internet access, industry‑leading Wi‑Fi and Smart Home (opens in new window) products, and the next generation of remote work (opens in new window) , security and cloud solutions (opens in new window) .

Throughout the COVID crisis, Bell not only kept Canadians connected and informed with outstanding reliability, we continued to deliver new innovations built on the strength of our leading broadband wireless and 5G networks.

The 5G advantage

As the most awarded 5G network in Canada (opens in new window), Bell continued to drive the next generation of mobile innovation, and is in a great position to capture more IoT and next‑generation solutions revenue through the convergence of 5G and fibre.

Bell 5G capitalizes on the power of both wireless and fibre communications, and with 94% of Bell’s cell sites connected to its fibre network and more network points of presence than any other carrier, Bell 5G leads in providing the low latency critical to real-time applications ranging from remote surgery to ultra‑HD video.

The speed and capacity of Bell’s 5G network, coupled with our unparalleled fibre infrastructure and rapidly expanding network footprint, is helping us take the country’s top‑ranked 5G service even further. The result is a future with infinite service possibilities for consumers and business users, from augmented reality and machine learning to smart homes, vehicles and cities to benefit Canadians no matter where they live.

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Bell continues to be the most awarded 5G network in Canada, including being ranked Canada’s Fastest 5G Network for the second time in a row in the Ookla 2021 Speedtest Awards and winning top honours from GWS for best 5G network as well as PCMag recognition for fastest mobile networks (4G and 5G) overall.

Innovative partnerships for growth

In 2021, Bell was the first Canadian communications provider to partner with AWS to leverage MEC, building on our leadership in next-generation services for business customers and consumers across the country. This was followed by a collaboration with AWS and VMware to help organizations across Canada plan, simplify and manage their hybrid cloud transformations.

Bell also joined with Google Cloud to combine our 5G network leadership with Google’s expertise in multicloud services, data analytics and AI to deliver next‑generation experiences for Bell customers across Canada.

A partnership with SCALE AI, a Montréal-based investment and innovation hub, is helping reduce installation time for new fibre connections by accelerating several steps in the supply chain using AI solutions. Bell is also offering a portfolio of software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions for enterprise customers to support their digital transformations, including Smart Supply Chain powered by Bell IoT Smart Connect for fleet and supply chain operators. This secure cloud-based platform aggregates IoT and operational data, delivering a single unified view of a company’s drivers and entire fleet of vehicles, as well as other data such as the temperature of cargo, to optimize and automate tracking and management.

Bell Business Markets is also simplifying and enhancing security operations for major organizations as they shift to the cloud with the launch of BSURE, a fully managed cybersecurity solution for business that combines Bell’s proven security expertise with state-of-the-art threat detection and management technology from Fortinet.

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The power of 5G is delivering more innovations like the expansion of TSN 5G View / Vision 5G RDS, the exclusive in-app feature for TSN’s coverage of Toronto Raptors home games.

Making communities better

With Canada’s largest portfolio of IoT solutions specifically designed to empower smart city transformations, Bell is enabling the fast and secure collection of data from multiple sources for a diverse array of applications, including water leak detection, asset management, smart waste management and energy management.

Working with Esri, Canada’s leading geographic information system (GIS) provider, Bell continued to collaborate on the creation of Smart City IoT solutions for municipal governments across the country. The Bell Integrated Smart City Ecosystem is helping communities of all sizes build on their existing smart city investments, adopting new pre-integrated IoT solutions to deliver seamless data solutions to city management, workers and citizens.

Engaging consumers at home and on the go

Bell continues to be Canada’s largest TV and Internet service provider, and the ongoing expansion of our fibre connections is contributing to subscriber growth and increased customer satisfaction.

We continued to expand the availability of our products and services to recognize the multiple devices consumers use at home and on the go. In addition to a strong lineup of leading smartphones, devices, modems, apps and other products, in 2021 Bell launched the new Home Hub 4000 featuring powerful Wi-Fi 6 technology for fibre customers in Ontario and Québec.

The speed and capacity of Bell’s 5G is delivering infinite service possibilities for consumers and business users, from augmented reality and machine learning to smart homes, vehicles and cities to benefit Canadians no matter where they live.

The power of Bell’s 5G also included initiatives like the expansion of TSN 5G View / Vision 5G RDS to Toronto Raptors home games in addition to regional coverage of the Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leafs. Our 5G collaborations continued with a partnership with TikTok Canada that lets creators paint together with friends in real time while physically apart, and a new connected car partnership equipping Honda and Acura vehicles with built-in Wi-Fi hotspots powered by the Bell LTE network.

Bell also continued to deliver unparalleled value to Canadians by further reducing monthly pricing for Virgin Plus mobile data plans. The price reductions also achieved the federal government’s target of a 25% drop in wireless pricing for mid‑range plans ahead of schedule.