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Caring for future generations

Minimizing our environmental impact in everything we do

Bell is deeply committed to protecting the environment, not just with words but with our actions. We have long understood that our products and services fight climate change by helping reduce the carbon footprint within our operations and those of our customers.  In 2014, we saved over $5 million and over 40 Gwh of energy by using our own technology and expanding our energy reduction programs.

Bell also takes responsible actions elsewhere in the company. In 2014, for example, 46% of all bills produced by Bell (excluding Bell Aliant and Northwestel) were electronic, an increase of seven percentage points over 2013.  This reduced consumption of paper saved about 52,000 trees, which have the potential to capture approximately 6,600 tonnes of CO2.

Bell has been recovering residual materials from operations for more than three decades. For example, we reuse and recycle such things as telecommunications cable, cable reels, wood pallets, terminals lead-acid batteries. In 2014, we diverted over 15,000 metric tonnes of our waste from landfill.

Bell also helps its customers protect the environment by making it easier for them to recycle their products, including mobile phones, Bell Internet modems and Bell TV receivers. In 2014, thanks to our customers’ participation, Bell diverted more than 2,100 tonnes of electronics from landfill.

We maintained our ISO 14001 certification for Environmental Management System for 5th straight year.


Quick facts: 

  • We use virtualization and cloud computing to ensure optimal use of space, power and cooling resources by consolidating servicers and storage capacities.
  • We use Teleconference to reduce travel needs
  • We use social networks to facilitate carpooling and car sharing
  • We use electronic controls coupled to the communications network to reduce energy consumption in buildings