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Protecting customers:

Our commitment to protect the privacy of customer information is explicitly laid out in the Bell Privacy Policy and reinforced continuously through concrete mandatory action by all employees. The Bell Code of Business Conduct specifically lays out, among other things, how we safeguard and properly use customer information.
Because their roles bring them into contact with customers and confidential customer information regularly, our customer-facing representatives undergo privacy training to better understand their obligations to protect customer information and to ensure they respect customer rights at all times. We also enforce strict controls on the protection and use of personal information within our systems and websites.

Protection of minors:

Bell supports awareness and education for youth and parents on Internet safety through sponsorships of organizations such as MediaSmarts and the Canadian Centre for Child Protection.

Bell contributes $150,000 every year to support cyber safety through the Canadian Centre for Child Protection of which Bell is a founding supporter. Half of that supports, Canada’s tipline  for Canadians to report their concerns about online sexual exploitation of children. The website also raises awareness of the issues to better protect children when they use the Internet.

Since 2002, – which Bell has supported since its inception – has worked with law enforcement to respond to 102,000 complaints from the public and provided 10 million pieces of educational material to schools and families across the country. In 2013 alone, received approximately 25,000 reports from Canadians.The other half of Bell’s donation goes to the centre’s initiatives to reduce “sexting” which is when young people create, send and share sexual imagery online or via texts. Bell has funded 2 guides to help parents and educators address the issue. More than 8,000 of these guides have been distributed to date. Bell’s support also helped the centre launch which provides young people with practical advice on dealing with sexting situations.

For more information on privacy and protecting customers, view our Corporate Responsibility Report.