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Learning and development


We offer a wide range of training for all team members, with specific and targeted training pathways to meet the demands of the changing industry environment and to enable our team members to fully develop their leadership potential and achieve their aspirations.

Learning and development are powerful drivers of team member engagement and key to our ability to lead in growth services for our customers. Bell is committed to investing in learning and development options that are relevant and current, including emergent skill sets team members need to contribute to the business and achieve their career goals.

In 2016, we launched our revised mandatory training for our team members with a modular format to make it easier for team members to understand, retain and, most important, apply what they have learned. We continue to see a strong need for ongoing learning with a significant increase in team member use of our offerings. We have more than 8,000 online courses available 24/7 from any location. We also provide a wide range of certifications, including Microsoft technical certifications, and certification for product and project management, business analyst and business unit-specific functions. We have offered a leadership learning portal since 2015, designed to support leaders at all levels. It includes videos of industry and thought leaders, book summaries, blueprints for developing an organization, and short interactive practice courses for honing leadership skills. In addition, we made it easier for team members to apply for our Education Assistance Program, generating a 25% increase in participation. This helps team members pursue continuing education.

Leadership development

At Bell, we believe in supporting our team members to become effective and confident leaders. Bell’s Leadership Development Pathway provides team members with a focused development plan to strengthen their skills, behaviors and performance. The pathway is linked to the Bell Leadership Success Profile which identifies the skills, behaviours and performance results that help team members succeed at each level. This year, we have launched 3 skill-building offerings focused on coaching, feedback and career conversations. These help leaders have meaningful ongoing performance and development conversations.

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