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TSN and Discovery Channel Canada Begin HDTV Broadcasting on Aug. 15

TORONTO,Aug. 14 2003 --TSN and Discovery Channel Canada will become the
first two Canadian specialty channels to broadcast their signals in high
definition television (HDTV) on Friday, August 15. Bell ExpressVu HD
subscribers can catch TSN in high definition on Bell ExpressVu channel 675,
beginning August 15 with Wendy's Friday Night Football (CFL -- Montréal @
Hamilton) at 7:30 p.m. ET. Discovery Channel will embark on its high
definition journey with Catching a Killer - The Mystery of Sable Island on
Bell ExpressVu channel 670, beginning at 8 p.m. ET.

    "Just as television evolved from black and white to colour in the 60s, we
fully expect that television will evolve from standard to high definition this
decade," said Rick Brace, President, CTV Inc. "It's CTV's plan to be at the
forefront of this journey."

    "Bell ExpressVu is Canada's leader in high definition television with the
largest lineup of high definition programming available nationally in Canada.
We're excited to build on that leadership by offering TSN and Discovery
Channel in a HD format," said Timothy E. McGee, Bell ExpressVu President.

    In 2003, TSN will produce several CFL games in HD along with delivering
Sunday Night NFL games (one pre-season game and every Sunday night game). As
part of the evolution from standard to high definition, TSN also will acquire
and produce HD programming, including selected NHL games throughout the
2003/2004 season.

    Discovery Channel will offer the following programs in HD, which will be
aired periodically over the remainder of 2003: Great Canadian Rivers, Season I
and Season II; Insectia; White Hot Winter; Forensic Factor; Urban Wild;
Nature's Secret; Mystery of Sable Island; and James, Brother of Jesus.
Discovery Channel also has programs currently in production that are being
filmed in high definition format. These include the newest season of Sex
Files, Race to Mars, Inside Out and One Second.

    The program schedules for each TSN and Discovery will be identical in
both standard and high definition formats.

    "The advantage of HDTV for the consumer is superlative picture quality,
which offers significantly more detail than standard definition television and
has the capability of providing up to six channels of audio, enhancing the
viewing and listening experience," said Allan Morris, Senior Vice-President,
Engineering and Operations, CTV Inc. "High definition, with its 16 by 9 aspect
ratio(1), helps the viewer feel like they're part of the action."

    CTV Specialty is in negotiation with other distributors to offer the high
definition signals of TSN and Discovery Channel.

    CTV Specialty Television Inc. is a leader in Canadian specialty
television. Committed to providing Canadian viewers with the highest quality
programming available, it operates world-class specialty services and
production facilities. CTV Specialty has ownership interests in three of
Canada's premier specialty television services, and operates TSN, the
top-rated Canadian specialty channel; RDS, the world's first French-language
all-sports channel; and Discovery Channel, an award-winning specialty channel.
CTV Specialty also manages OLN, featuring adventure-based programming. CTV
Specialty operates six specialty channels, including WTSN, the world's first
women's sports network; Animal Planet, a specialty channel focusing on the
animal kingdom; Discovery Civilization, a specialty channel devoted to
studying past and present civilizations; ESPN Classic Canada, which airs
encore broadcasts of the most cherished classic games and moments from the
world of sports; CTV Travel, an English-language travel channel; and the NHL
Network, which delivers 'round-the-clock hockey programming that offers
viewers the most complete and in-depth hockey coverage. CTV Specialty also
owns interests in Dome Productions Inc., Canada's leading provider of mobile
television production facilities, as well as Exploration Production Inc. and
Exploration Distribution Inc. CTV Specialty Television Inc. is owned by CTV
Inc. and ESPN, Inc.

    (1) Aspect ratio refers to the width of a picture relative to its height


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