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Netherlands' Gigaport Project Awards Teleglobe Contract For Transatlantic Internet Connectivity

STM-1 Connection Provides Netherlands¿ Academic and Research Community With 
High-Speed Access to U.S. Research and Education Networks

Reston, VA , January 12, 2000 - Teleglobe (NYSE, TSE: TGO) announced that it 
has been awarded a contract to provide a transatlantic STM-1 Internet 
connection to the Netherlands¿ GigaPort project. As a leading provider of 
global broadband services, Teleglobe owns and operates the most extensive 
Internet network in the world, providing the Netherlands¿ academic and research 
community faster and more cost-effective access to US-based research and 
education networks.

The GigaPort project is funded by the Dutch government and provides research 
institutes, universities, colleges for higher professional education and 
commercial research labs in the Netherlands with high-speed Internet 
connectivity on a domestic and international basis. Moreover GigaPort offers 
the Dutch business community the opportunity to take the lead in developing and 
testing advanced and innovative Internet technologies.

¿The increased speed and affordability of backbone access made possible by 
Teleglobe¿s Internet routing service will allow the scientists and educators 
participating in the GigaPort project to enjoy unprecedented opportunities for 
collaboration with their US counterparts,¿ said Jacqueline Tammenoms Bakker, 
director, GigaPort (Netherlands). ¿Breaking down physical barriers to the 
exchange of ideas on a global basis is one of the most exciting and challenging 
aspects of the Internet.¿

¿We are very pleased to have won the opportunity to further leading-edge 
research and education efforts in the Netherlands and the US by providing high-
bandwidth transatlantic connectivity between GigaPort and US-based academic 
networks,¿ said John Cahill, president, Teleglobe International. ¿Teleglobe is 
in a unique position to benefit from the growth in European Internet traffic. 
This is largely due to our extensive global Internet network which provides 
global broadband service in more than 100 countries."

The STM-1 connection is part of Teleglobe¿s global Internet routing service - 
in this case interconnecting GigaPort with US-based STAR TAP networks through 
the company¿s New York GlobeCity(sm) access site. The US-based STAR TAP 
academic networks include the National Science Foundation¿s very High 
Performance Backbone Network Service (vBNS), the DoE Energy Sciences Network 
(ESnet) and the NASA Research and Education Network (NREN). Teleglobe also is 
providing GigaPort with access to Abilene, the high performance backbone 
service of the University Corporation for Advanced Internet Development (UCAID).

With Teleglobe¿s global broadband services, customers can obtain high-speed, 
low-cost capacity without having to make expensive capital investments in fiber 
cable systems. The availability of Teleglobe's advanced transmission services 
will accelerate the deployment of innovative global network-to-network, IP and 
content distribution applications.

Among the global academic networks that rely on Teleglobe for global 
connectivity are SINGAREN (Singapore), which is connected to STARTAP via a high-
speed ATM circuit. In addition, Teleglobe is the preferred Internet transit 
provider to CANET*2 (Canada), CERNET (China), MIMOS (Malaysia), NORDUnet (the 
Nordics), RUNNET (Russia), and UKERNA (UK).

About GigaPort
GigaPort consists of two interrelated sub-projects, GigaPort-Network (managed 
by SURFnet, the Netherlands¿ research and education network) and GigaPort-
Applications (managed by Telematica Institute). Within the context of GigaPort-
Network a highly advanced research communications network is being developed 
with super-fast connections across the Netherlands and Europe and to North 
America and Asia. GigaPort-Applications offers the Dutch academic and business 
community the opportunity to carry out large-scale research into new 
applications for the next generation of the electronic highway. For more 

About Teleglobe
Teleglobe Inc. (NYSE, TSE: TGO) is a leading global provider of broadband 
services with the most extensive global Internet network. Delivering advanced 
broadband applications to customers in more than 100 countries - matching 
global reach with global depth - Teleglobe is the premier communications 
architecture for the digital economy. Teleglobe is currently enhancing its 
leadership position through GlobeSystem¿, a 5 year, US$5 billion strategic 
initiative providing 160 cities around the world with scalable broadband 
service platforms, and linking them through a seamless data network. 
GlobeSystem is the world's first globally integrated Internet, voice, data and 
video network. For more information, visit

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