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Final Answer: CTV wins fall '99 television season

    CTV fall ratings up 15% in one of its most successful fall seasons ever

TORONTO,Jan. 13 2000 --It's the final answer on the fall television
season: CTV finishes the 1999/2000 fall season with a BROADCASTER HIGH 5.3
RATING in Toronto-Hamilton, the top-ranked rating of any broadcaster in the
key adult 18-49 demographic.
    In Toronto-Hamilton, Nielsen's ratings confirm that CTV's average prime
time rating ROSE TO 5.3 from 4.6 in 1998 for an INCREASE OF 15% among adults
18-49. In fact, CTV has increased its ratings (vs. fall '98) in all three key
demographics: Adults 18-34 (+41%), Adults 18-49 (+15%), and Adults 25-54
(+6%). Below is the final ranking.

    Note - all figures stated from Nielsen Media Research, from Sept. 13
through Dec. 19 and where prime time equals 7pm-11pm

    Prime Time Average Ratings, Adults 18-49, Toronto-Hamilton,
    For the Fall Season Sept. 13 - Dec. 19


    CTV     5.3
    GLOBAL  5.0
    CITY    2.8
    CBC     2.0
    ONTv    1.9

    The final numbers come after steady midseason maneuvering by broadcasters
claiming supremacy in the Toronto-Hamilton ratings wars. The final ratings,
made available by Nielsen Media Research, measure the entire fall season from
September 13 to December 19. It's an impressive knockout punch putting CTV at
the top at the close of 1999, a fiercely contested season in a decade which
saw the Network emerge, flourish and finish with one of its most successful
fall television campaigns ever.
    "Clearly CTV is No. 1 in prime time and growing despite misleading
propaganda to the contrary from the competition," says Susanne Boyce, CTV's
Senior Vice President of Programming. "But with the entire fall season to look
at, the results are definitive."
    In response to on-going press releases from Global, CTV points out that
the competition continues to promote a skewed interpretation of the Nielsen
ratings which blurs the real successes of CTV. In discussing the status quo in
the Toronto-Hamilton market, Global fails to measure and integrate both
CFTO-TV and CKCO-TV ratings to reach the actual CTV rating. Eliminating
CKCO-TV from the equation removes the impact of CKCO-TV viewers who are
prominent in the western region of Toronto-Hamilton. Instead Global chooses to
measure only CFTO-TV, which significantly diminishes the CTV rating. This
machination helps distract from the 15% gain in CTV's prime time audience
which is directly proportional to Global Television's ratings decline of 15%
over the same time period (from 5.9 in 1998 to 5.0). In fact, in the demos
where CTV has registered gains over last year, Global has slipped: Adults
18-34 (-17%), Adults 18-49 (-15%), and Adults 25-54 (-12%).
    In the same release, Global published a "Top 20" list of the fall season
that mysteriously excluded the biggest hit of the fall: CTV's "WHO WANTS TO BE
A MILLIONAIRE?". For the record, Millionaire aired 18 times, averaging more
than 2.4 million viewers per episode (nationally) for a 5th place ranking on a
true "Top 20" list.

    Other CTV highlights of the '99 fall season include:

    -  Millionaire, the most prolific newcomer of the Fall, aired for 18
consecutive days (Nov. 7-24). It featured no less than 14 nights exceeding two
million viewers nationally with a ratings-peak of 3.083 million viewers (Nov.
15), the most for any CTV show this Fall and finished with a nightly average
minute audience of 2.4 million viewers (2+);

    -  Veteran series Ally McBeal, Spin City, Two Guys and a Girl, Drew
Carey, Law and Order, E.R. and The Sunday Movie continued to enjoy
million-plus national average minute audiences while newcomers The West Wing,
Law & Order: SVU, Third Watch and Who Wants to be a Millionaire? premiered to
critical success while also joining the one-million-viewer club;

    -  CTV homegrown specials shone with movies The Sheldon Kennedy Story
(1.3M) and Murder Most Likely (1.16M) and documentary special Trudeau: A
Canadian Affair (1.4M) all debuting to million plus average minute audiences;

    -  Finally, after garnering a private network record 68 Gemini Award
nominations, CTV picks up 13 Gemini Awards (Nov. 8), including six for
Milgaard, a CTV Signature Presentation.


For further information: Mike Cosentino, CTV Director of Programming
Communications, (416) 332-5048


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