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Doug Flutie Voted Greatest CFL Player in TSN Top 50 CFL Players Program

He's a six-time CFL Most Outstanding Player, three-time Grey Cup champion, three-time Grey Cup MVP, and the record-holder for most TD passes in a single season. Now quarterback Doug Flutie can add to his long list of accomplishments the title of No. 1 CFL player of the modern era, as chosen by the TSN Top 50 CFL Players panel.

<< -- George Reed and the late Jackie Parker round out Top 3; Russ Jackson finishes as Top Canadian -- >> WINNIPEG, Nov. 17 2006 -- He's a six-time CFL Most Outstanding Player, three-time Grey Cup champion, three-time Grey Cup MVP, and the record-holder for most TD passes in a single season. Now quarterback Doug Flutie can add to his long list of accomplishments the title of No. 1 CFL player of the modern era, as chosen by the TSN Top 50 CFL Players panel. Flutie was a definitive choice for the honour, receiving 35 of 60 first place votes. The fleet-of-foot six-time All-Canadian set the CFL on fire during his eight-year career (1990-97) with the B.C. Lions, Calgary Stampeders and Toronto Argonauts. In all, he collected 3,384 voting points in weighted balloting - 402 more than runner-up George Reed, the Saskatchewan Roughriders' nine-time All-Canadian running back (2,982 points). Reed outpolled No. 3 Jackie Parker, the Edmonton Eskimos' quarterback who collected 16 first-place votes and finished third with 2,819 points. Parker, who also played for Toronto and B.C., passed away Nov. 7. Completing the Top 10 are No. 4 running back Mike Pringle (2,460), No. 5 quarterback Warren Moon (2,397), No. 6 defensive back Garney Henley (2,368), No. 7 quarterback Ron Lancaster (2,355), No. 8 quarterback Russ Jackson (2,174), No. 9 linebacker Wayne Harris (2,170) and No. 10 receiver Allen Pitts (2,109). The announcement was made today at a news conference in Winnipeg attended by CFL Commissioner Tom Wright along with TSN President Phil King and several CFL greats including Flutie, Reed, Pringle, Henley, Lancaster, Jackson and Harris, as well as Jack Parker Jr. The TSN Top 50 CFL Players was created and managed by TSN, in partnership with the Canadian Football League, to celebrate the rich and storied history of the CFL. TSN assembled an independent voting panel of 60 CFL past and present executives, players and media, who were asked to rank the top 50 players from a list of 185 nominees, in order, from the post-WWII history of the CFL. The candidates were identified following a comprehensive three-month research and consultation process. The results were tabulated by BDO Dunwoody LLP. "I'm flattered and humbled to be selected for this honour," said Flutie, who retired from the NFL this year and currently works as a college football analyst with ABC and ESPN. "I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the CFL and have nothing but the highest respect for those who preceded me in the history of the league and those who have followed." CFL Commissioner Tom Wright lauded TSN's initiative with the TSN Top 50 CFL Players program. "The Canadian Football League is delighted with the success of the TSN Top 50," said Commissioner Wright. "It is interesting to see the final results of the voting. Doug Flutie is a deserving choice as the player voted number one overall, but each one of the players on the list has made a significant contribution to the development and history of the CFL. We salute all of them for their achievements. We are also saddened by the recent passing of the great Jackie Parker, whose selection as number three on the list is proof of his legacy to our great league." Flutie, 44, was a five-time CFL passing leader and threw for three of the four highest single season touchdown totals in CFL history - including a record 48 in 1994 with Calgary. One of Flutie's key receivers during his playing days with the Stampeders was Allen Pitts, voted No. 10 on the Top 50 list. Flutie stands fifth on the CFL all-time passing TD list (270). Flutie played pro football for 21 years after a legendary career with Boston College. He won the Heisman Trophy in 1984 and his 'Hail Mary' touchdown pass in the 1984 Orange Bowl gave the Eagles the win against the University of Miami, and stands as one of the most famous passes in college football history. Talent runs in the Flutie family; Doug's younger brother, Darren, was a standout CFL receiver and named No. 50 on the TSN Top 50 CFL Players list. Commenting on the TSN Top 50 CFL Players initiative, TSN President Phil King said: "This program was created to honour the legends of the CFL. The enormous debate it triggered is a testament to the great athletes who have played in the CFL over the years." Fans are invited to voice their opinions on with the Your Call poll, allowing them to pick their own top 10 from the list of the Top 50 selections. The poll will close in two weeks, with the fan results posted on shortly thereafter. Fans will also be able to access exclusive Top 50 interviews, features and reports through the website's Audio/Video and CFL sections. << Additional Notable Results: - Seven players received votes for No. 1: Doug Flutie (35 votes), Jackie Parker (16), Warren Moon (3), Russ Jackson (2), Damon Allen (2), Ron Lancaster (1) and Joe Krol (1). - Ten Canadians are in the Top 50: No. 8 Russ Jackson (Hamilton, Ont.), No. 18 Tony Gabriel (Hamilton, Ont.), No. 22 Chris Walby (Winnipeg), No. 24 Dave Fennell (Edmonton), No. 30 Lui Passaglia (Vancouver), No. 32 Roger Aldag (Gull Lake, Sask.), No. 34 Normie Kwong (Calgary), No. 36 Ray Elgaard (Edmonton), No. 43 Bill Baker (Sheridan, Man.) and No. 46 Joe Krol (Hamilton, Ont.). - Three active players are in the Top 50: No. 14 Damon Allen (Toronto), No. 15 Milt Stegall (Winnipeg) and No. 45 Terry Vaughn (Hamilton). - Top 50 breakdown by position: Receivers - 10, Quarterbacks - 9, Defensive Linemen - 8, Defensive Backs - 6, Running Backs - 6, Offensive Linemen - 4, Linebackers - 4, Special Team Players - 2, Kicker - 1. - Top 50 breakdown by team: Edmonton - 20, Hamilton - 14, B.C. - 13, Toronto - 13, Calgary - 8, Ottawa - 8, Winnipeg - 8, Montreal - 7, Saskatchewan - 7, Baltimore - 1, Birmingham - 1, Memphis - 1, Sacramento - 1, Shreveport - 1. TSN Top 50 CFL Players (*) Honoured member of the Canadian Football Hall of Fame (+) Canadian 1. Doug Flutie QB (BC/Cgy/Tor) 8 seasons: 1990-97 Record 6 Most Outstanding Player awards and 3 Grey Cup MVP awards 2. George Reed(*) RB (Sask) 13 seasons: 1963-75 Shares all-time lead in TDs (137) and 9 All-Canadian berths 3. Jackie Parker(*) QB/RB/DB (Edm/Tor/BC) 13 seasons: 1954-68 3 Most Outstanding Player awards 4. Mike Pringle RB (Sac/Bal/Mtl/Edm) 13 seasons: 1992-04 All-time leader in rushing yards (16,425) 5. Warren Moon(*) QB (Edm) 6 seasons: 1978-83 5 Grey Cup wins in 6 CFL seasons 6. Garney Henley(*) DB/Rec (Ham) 16 seasons: 1960-75 Record 10 straight All-Canadian berths 7. Ron Lancaster(*) QB (Ott/Sask) 19 seasons: 1960-78 2 Most Outstanding Player awards 8. Russ Jackson(*)(+) QB (Ott) 12 seasons: 1958-69 3 Most Outstanding Player awards 9. Wayne Harris Sr.(*) LB (Cgy) 12 seasons: 1961-72 Record 4 Most Outstanding Lineman awards 10. Allen Pitts(*) Rec (Cgy) 11 seasons: 1990-00 All-time leader in receiving yards (14,891) 11. Dan Kepley(*) LB (Edm) 10 seasons: 1975-84 3 Most Outstanding Defensive Player awards 12. John Helton(*) DL (Cgy/Wpg) 14 seasons: 1969-82 9 All-Canadian berths 13. Hal Patterson(*) Rec/DB (Mtl/Ham) 14 seasons: 1954-67 13 Division All-Star berths 14. Damon Allen QB (Edm/Ott/Ham/Mps/BC/Tor) 22 seasons: 1985-06 2 Grey Cup MVP awards and 1 Grey Cup Top Offensive Player award 15. Milt Stegall Rec (Wpg) 12 seasons: 1995-06 All-time leader in receiving TDs (133) 16. Willie Pless(*) LB (Tor/BC/Edm/Sask) 14 seasons: 1986-99 Record 11 All-Canadian berths 17. John Barrow(*) DL/OL (Ham) 14 seasons: 1957-70 Record 16 Division All-Star berths (at 3 positions) 18. Tony Gabriel(*)(+) Rec (Ham/Ott) 11 seasons: 1971-81 Receiver record 8 All-Canadian berths 19. Johnny Bright(*) RB (Cgy/Edm) 13 seasons: 1952-64 4-time CFL rushing yards leader 20. Brian Kelly(*) Rec (Edm) 9 seasons: 1979-87 3rd all-time in career receiving TDs (97) 21. James Parker(*) DL/LB (Edm/BC/Tor) 12 seasons: 1980-91 4th in career sacks (139.5) 22. Chris Walby(*)(+) OL (Mtl/Wpg) 16 seasons: 1981-96 Offensive Lineman record 9 All-Canadian berths 23. Less Browne(*) DB (Ham/Wpg/Ott/BC) 11 seasons: 1984-94 All-time leader in interceptions (87) 24. Dave Fennell(*)(+) DL (Edm) 10 seasons: 1974-83 2 Grey Cup Top Defensive Player awards 25. Henry (Gizmo) Williams(*) ST (Edm) 15 seasons: 1986-00 All-time leader in career punt return TDs (26) 26. Sam Etcheverry(*) QB (Mtl) 9 seasons: 1952-60 6-time CFL passing yards leader 27. Tommy Joe Coffey(*) Rec/K (Edm/Ham/Tor) 14 seasons: 1959-73 4-time CFL receptions leader 28. Grover Covington(*) DL (Ham) 11 seasons: 1981-91 All-time leader in sacks (157) 29. Leo Lewis(*) RB (Wpg) 11 seasons: 1955-66 5th in career combined yards 30. Lui Passaglia(*)(+) K/P (BC) 25 seasons: 1976-00 All-time leader in career points (3,991) and field goals (875) 31. Michael (Pinball) Clemons ST/RB/Rec (Tor) 12 seasons: 1989-00 All-time leader in combined yards (25,438) 32. Roger Aldag(*)(+) OL (Sask) 17 seasons: 1976-92 2 Most Outstanding Offensive Linemen awards 33. Dickie Harris(*) DB (Mtl) 10 seasons: 1972-82 7 All-Canadian berths 34. Normie Kwong(*)(+) RB (Cgy/Edm) 13 seasons: 1948-60 5th in career rushing yards 35. Marv Luster(*) DB/Rec (Mtl/Tor) 14 seasons: 1961-74 9 Division All-Star berths 36. Ray Elgaard(*)(+) Rec (Sask) 14 seasons: 1983-96 5th in career receiving yards (13,198) 37. Angelo Mosca(*) DL (Ham/Ott) 15 seasons: 1958-72 5 Grey Cup wins in 9 Grey Cup games 38. Larry Highbaugh(*) DB (BC/Edm) 13 seasons: 1971-83 2nd in career interceptions (66) 39. Matt Dunigan(*) QB (Edm/BC/Tor/Wpg/Birm/Ham) 14 seasons: 1983-96 3rd in career passing TDs (306) 40. Joe Montford DL (Shr/Ham/Tor/Edm) 12 seasons: 1995-06 3 Most Outstanding Defensive Player awards 41. Kaye Vaughan(*) OL/DL (Ott) 12 seasons: 1953-64 2 Most Outstanding Lineman awards 42. Mervyn Fernandez Rec (BC) 6 seasons: 1982-94 1 Most Outstanding Player award 43. Bill Baker(*)(+) DL (Sask/BC) 11 seasons: 1968-78 1 Most Outstanding Defensive Player award 44. Danny Bass(*) LB (Tor/Cgy/Edm) 12 seasons: 1980-91 6 All-Canadian berths 45. Terry Vaughn Rec (Cgy/Edm/Mtl/Ham) 12 seasons: 1995-06 All-time leader in receptions (1,006) 46. Joe Krol(*)(+) RB (Tor) 9 seasons: 1945-55 6 Grey Cup wins 47. Tom Clements(*) QB (Ott/Sask/Ham/Wpg) 12 seasons: 1975-87 2 Grey Cup Top Offensive Player awards 48. Rollie Miles(*) DB/RB/LB (Edm) 11 seasons: 1951-61 8 Division All-Star berths (at 3 positions) 49. Bill Frank(*) OL (BC/Tor/Wpg) 15 seasons: 1962-76 7 All-Canadian berths 50. Darren Flutie Rec (BC/Edm/Ham) 12 seasons: 1991-02 2nd in career receptions (972) >> TSN is Canada's Sports Leader. Setting the Canadian sports broadcasting standard, TSN's flagship news program, SportsCentre, was voted the number-one source for sports news by sports fans from across the country(*). TSN's comprehensive broadcast schedule also features the NHL and first three rounds of the Stanley Cup Playoffs; Toronto Maple Leafs hockey; International Hockey including the IIHF World Junior Championship; the Olympic Games through 2012; CFL including TSN Friday Night Football; NFL including Sunday and Monday Night Football; PGA TOUR and all four golf Majors; Season of Champions Curling; NASCAR including the Daytona 500; Formula One including the Canadian Grand Prix; IRL including the Indy 500; Blue Jays baseball; Raptors basketball and the NBA Finals; Tennis and all four Grand Slam events; UEFA Champions League Soccer; HBO World Championship boxing; and Figure Skating including the national championships. TSN HD offers more sports coverage, more hours and more events in High Definition than any other network in Canada, reinforcing TSN's position as Canada's Sports Leader in High Definition. TSN is available in eight million households. TSN's programming and news content is also available online at (*) 2004/2005 Roper Canada - Winter For further information: Andrea Goldstein, TSN Director of Communications, (c)(647) 224-8800,

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