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All-New The Trouble With Tracy Set to Debut on The Comedy Network

    Laurie Elliott Stars in New Version of Classic Canadian Sitcom

TORONTO,March 18 2003 --The Comedy Network announced today the
completion of filming of The Trouble With Tracy, a new, primetime comedy pilot
starring award-winning comedian Laurie Elliott. Based on the 1970s' CTV series
of the same name, The Trouble With Tracy is The Comedy Network's first
original sitcom. The half-hour pilot premieres Tuesday, April 1 at 10:30 p.m.
ET/PT. A special "look back" presentation of an original episode premieres
Tuesday, March 25 at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT. The Trouble With Tracy will be
considered for a future 13-part series in association with CTV.

    (xx) Note: High-Resolution Artwork for The Trouble With Tracy is
    available online at

    Now a cult classic, the original Trouble With Tracy focused on the
foibles of a ditzy urban housewife (Diane Nyland) whose flighty nature and
naive dreams constantly landed her in one hilarious quandary after another
with her exasperated husband (Steve Weston). The daily series ran for 130
episodes on CTV in 1971-72.
    The new version borrows from many of the same scripts as the original
(the scripts are owned by CTV) - only updated for the new millennium.
    "Instead of trying to re-invent the sitcom," said Ed Robinson, President
and General Manager of The Comedy Network, "why not stick to the basic format
that has proven so successful in the past and update it for the future?"
    "We've resisted doing sitcoms in the past, opting instead for inventive
and experimental comedy programs," said Robinson. "But five and a half years
later, we think the time is right. There is an identifiable trend in nostalgic
television and it brings a built-in audience as well."
    In the 2003 version, Tracy is still trying to sort out her career - or
lack of one. But like many women today, Tracy must juggle her career
aspirations with her responsibilities to her over-worked husband (David
Elver). The result is a hilarious snapshot of domestic life at the turn of the
millennium in urban Canada.
    The pilot was produced in Ottawa by Ocnus Productions. If successful, The
Comedy Network will consider a possible 13-part series in partnership with
    "We have been trying to find programs that can air on both The Comedy
Network and CTV," said Robinson. "We think this series is the perfect choice."
    Comedic actress Elliott was a natural pick for the updated Tracy. Her
infectious, high-energy style breathes new life into the character,
transforming Tracy from a scatterbrained housewife into a manic young woman
trying to balance marriage and a career.
    The 31-year-old Montreal native won the prestigious Tim Sims
Encouragement Fund Award in 2000. She previously has appeared on The Comedy
Network in The Endless Grind, Elvira Kurt Adventures in Comedy, Cream of
Comedy and Open Mike with Mike Bullard. Elliott has also appeared on The Sean
Cullen Show, FemCab, CBC Radio's Brave New Waves, WTN's She's So Funny and the
National Film Board's Resolutions. Elliott is half of the sketch duo Kevlor
2000, which was nominated for a 2000 Canadian Comedy Award. In addition, her
infectious, high-energy stand-up style has made her a popular featured
performer at many of Toronto's live comedy venues.
    The Trouble With Tracy is an original Comedy Network production produced
in association with Ocnus Productions. The series was written by Goodman Ace
and produced and directed by Greg Lawrence.


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