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Aliant's investment in New Brunswick exceeds $84 million, digital wireless coverage reaches 88 per cent of population

NEW BRUNSWICK,March 10 2005 --Aliant, Atlantic Canada's leading
information and communications technology provider, today announced a further
expansion of digital wireless coverage in New Brunswick (NB). Aliant has
invested over $84 million to date building a world-class digital wireless
network in NB.
    "We're pleased to provide our customers with this expanded digital
coverage as part of our overall network expansion and enhancement program in
New Brunswick," said Chuck Hartlen, Vice-President, Aliant Mobility. "The
investment announced today is part of our on-going commitment to providing a
high quality, reliable digital wireless network."
    Aliant has invested $9 million in expanding and enhancing their digital
wireless network over the past year in NB, and $290 million over the past five
years across Atlantic Canada. With the completion of network expansion and
enhancements in Kedgwick, St. Quentin, Squaw Cap and St. Martins 88 per cent
of the population is now covered by Aliant's world-class digital wireless
    "More of our customers can now enjoy the many benefits of wireless
coverage as a result of the three new cell sites in the corridor of route 17
between St. Leonard and Campbellton," says Robert Vautour, Regional Manager,
Northern New Brunswick, Aliant.
    This network expansion will provide customers with the ability to stay in
touch with friends, family and co-workers as well as give them access to some
very exciting enhanced wireless features. Enhanced features on Aliant's
digital wireless network include web-browsing, text, video and picture
messaging. Web-browsing provides Internet access to customers and enables them
to access information and entertainment while on the go. Text messaging
enables customers to connect anywhere, anytime with no long distance or
airtime minutes being used. Customers can also capture, save and share video
clips and pictures instantly with video and picture messaging features.
    With digital wireless, customers are also able to download screensavers
and ringtones so that they can customize their wireless device to suit their
own style and enjoy faster Internet connection speeds for faster downloads and
quicker access to email and other information.
    "Customers in the St. Martins area will definitely benefit from expanded
coverage," says Wayne Moore, Regional Manager, Southwestern New Brunswick,
    The Aliant network enables customers traveling in the province to use
their cell phones and other wireless devices to access the most extensive
wireless data network in Atlantic Canada enabling them to stay in touch and
access business or personal information on the road.

    About Aliant
    From its home base in Atlantic Canada, Aliant delivers a wide variety of
innovative and traditional communications services, including local and long
distance telephony, wireless, Internet, e-commerce, interactive multimedia,
data and managed network services, to more than two million consumers and over
80,000 enterprises. Aliant complements its industry-leading telecommunications
business with strengths in information technology solutions and knowledge-
services applications. Aliant's approximately 8,400 employees build on its
100-plus year history by collaborating to deliver the highest quality of
customer service, choice and convenience. Aliant has a market capitalization
of approximately $3.8 billion.
    To view a few members of the Aliant team who made this digital wireless
expansion in New Brunswick possible please visit

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For further information: Peter Murchland, Aliant Communications and
Public Affairs, 1-877-487-3165, (902) 487-3165,;
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at Images are free to members of media.

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