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Alexandre Trudeau's The Fence Airs Saturday, September 18 on CTV

-- Trudeau tells the intimate tale of two families on the opposing sides
    of the security barrier --

    TORONTO, Sept. 3 2004 -- 
"I may love this place for its beauty, for its
history, for its power," says Alexandre Trudeau. "But I loathe it for its
incessant reminder of the continued failure of the human spirit."

    Trudeau recently spent a season working and living with families in the
West Bank and has chronicled that experience in his latest documentary The
Fence. Written, produced and narrated by Trudeau, The Fence is the intimate
tale of two families on opposing sides of the security barrier in the
Jenin-Afula area. Today, CTV announced that The Fence will premiere Saturday,
September 18 at 10 p.m. ET (check local listings).

    As a filmmaker, Trudeau's trademark is first hand coverage in conflict-
ridden areas such as Iraq and Liberia. In this one-hour documentary, he takes
viewers into the midst of the West Bank where the Israelis have erected a
massive fence between themselves and the Palestinians with the hope of
eliminating the violence and suicide bombings from the Palestinian side.

    "I have been on both sides of that fence," says Trudeau. "I have laughed
with the people there and shared their fears and frustrations. They are just

    Trudeau brings viewers the human face of this conflict and how the people
are coping with the enduring hostilities. A complex mix of people and
emotions, Trudeau's subjects include the Atars who, because of the fence, are
able to momentarily forget that Israel is such a troubled place. Rami, their
best employee who has become trapped on the Israeli side of the fence, unable
to return home because once he crosses to the other side he will not be
permitted to return to work and support his family. Areen, whose hometown of
Jenin was once a quiet place and is now a chaotic city made up of closed
stores, bad roads, random gunshots and terror.

    CTV, Canada's largest private broadcaster, offers a wide range of quality
news, sports, information, and entertainment programming. It boasts the
number-one national newscast, CTV News With Lloyd Robertson, and is the
number-one choice for prime-time viewing. CTV owns 21 conventional television
stations across Canada and has interests in 14 specialty channels, including
the number-one Canadian specialty channel, TSN. CTV is owned by Bell
Globemedia, Canada's premier multi-media company. More information about CTV
may be found on the company Web site at

For further information: Emily Young Lee, CTV Inc., (416) 332-7367,

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