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Chief Executive Officer Position Description

The Chief Executive Officer ("CEO") of BCE Inc. (the "Corporation") has the primary responsibility for the management of the business and affairs of the Corporation. As such, the CEO shall establish the strategic and operational orientation of the Corporation and in so doing, provide leadership and vision for the effective overall management, profitability, increasing shareholder value and growth of the Corporation and for conformity with policies agreed upon by the Board of Directors of the Corporation (the "Board"). The CEO is directly accountable to the Board for all activities of the Corporation.

More specifically, in collaboration with the Board, the CEO shall:

  1. Leadership
    1. Create a culture within the Company that supports the achievement of strategic and operational objectives by ensuring rigor in the recruitment, selection, individual development and the monitoring of executive team members and other senior management personnel, thus ensuring the Company maintains a strong succession plan
    2. Provide leadership and vision for the Corporation and promote the Corporation’s goal of profitability and growth in a sustainable and responsible manner
    3. Develop an awareness of global trends in the Corporation’s core lines of operations so as to manage rapid technological developments
    4. Promote an environment of customer focus and outstanding customer service so as to respond to the demands of increasingly service oriented markets

  2. Corporate Social Responsibility & Integrity
    1. Develop and maintain a corporate culture that promotes integrity and ethical values throughout the organization, fostering a culture of ethical business conduct
    2. Promote and protect the Corporation’s reputation in its markets and with all customers, communities, and government and regulatory bodies

  3. Strategy, Risks and Budget
    1. Develop and oversee the execution of, and monitor progress of, the Business Plan and the annual operating and capital budgets
    2. Identify, and develop plans to manage, the principal risks with respect to the Corporation and its businesses

  4. Governance & Policies
    1. Oversee the development and implementation of, and compliance with, key corporate policies, including policies regarding corporate governance, social responsibility, risk management and financial reporting, as well as compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements
    2. Work in close collaboration with the Board Chair to determine the scheduling of, and agendas for, meetings of the Board and of Committees of the Board so as to ensure that the Board is kept apprised in a timely manner of the business operations and main issues facing the Corporation, and to ensure there is an effective relationship between management and the members of the Board

  5. Business Management
    1. Approve commitments within the limits of delegated approval authorities from the Board and provide general supervision and management of the day-to-day business and affairs of the Corporation
    2. Serve as the Corporation’s chief spokesperson to its principal stakeholders including its shareholders, the financial community, customers, government and regulatory bodies and the public generally

  6. Disclosure
    1. Together with the Disclosure and Compliance Committee and the Chief Financial Officer, ensure appropriate and timely disclosure of material information
    2. Together with the Chief Financial Officer:
      1. establish and maintain the Corporation’s disclosure controls and procedures through appropriate policies and processes
      2. establish and maintain the Corporation’s internal controls over financial reporting through appropriate policies and procedures
      3. develop the process for, and comply with, the certifications to be provided in the Corporation’s public disclosure documents

  7. Other
    1. Carry out any other appropriate duties and responsibilities assigned by the Board.


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