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General information on tax aspects

Why do we need your SIN – TIN

Why do we need your social insurance number (SIN)
An issuer is required by the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency to ask for your social insurance number (SIN) as you will receive income in the form of dividends from your shares. If you do not give your social insurance number when requested, you are liable for a penalty of $100 for each failure. If you do not have a social insurance number, please contact your local Canada Employment Centre.

Why do we need your taxpayer identification number (TIN) (U.S. Residents)
Since January 1, 2001, BCE has been required to solicit taxpayer identification numbers (TIN) and W9 declarations of residency from certain U.S. residents. Where these have not been received, BCE may be required to deduct the Internal Revenue Service’s specified backup withholding tax at a rate of 28% on all dividends.



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