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Information on shares, dividends and bonds

Common share dividends

What is BCE's Dividend Policy?
As outlined in BCE's financial guidance for 2019, BCE has set a target of its dividend payout ratio of 65% - 75% of free cash flow (free cash flow before common share dividend and voluntary pension contributions).

What is BCE's current common dividend rate and what is the common dividend payment history? 
BCE's annual dividend is $3.17 per common share; the quarterly dividend rate is $0.7925 per common share. See our Dividend Dates page for the recent dividend record and payment dates and for historical dividend information see our Dividend History.

When was the last dividend increase announced?
On February 7, 2019, we announced an increase of our annual common share dividend of $0.15, raising the annual dividend to $3.17 per share ($0.7925 per quarter). The first payment - April 15, 2019.

Are the dividends paid by BCE and Bell Canada "eligible" dividends?
Since January 1, 2006 and unless stated otherwise, dividends paid by BCE and Bell Canada to Canadian residents are eligible dividends as per the Canadian Income Tax Act. Since March 24, 2006 and unless stated otherwise, dividends paid by BCE and Bell Canada to Quebec residents are eligible dividends as per the proposed changes announced during the March 23, 2006 provincial Budget speech.

What is the Canadian withholding tax rate for foreign investors?
Dividends on BCE shares paid or credited to non-residents of Canada are subject to withholding tax of 25%, unless reduced by treaty. Under current tax treaties, the non-resident withholding tax rate for United States and United Kingdom residents is 15%.

Does BCE have a Dividend Reinvestment Plan and if so, how do I enroll?
Yes. To enroll in BCE's Dividend Reinvestment and Stock Purchase Plan (DRP), you must have at least one BCE common share registered in your name. For more information, see our Dividend Reinvestment Plan section. To enroll, contact the transfer agent, AST Trust Company (Canada), and request an enrollment package.

I have not received a dividend payment, who should I contact?
If you do not have the physical stock certificate(s) for your BCE shares, you are a non-registered shareholder and should contact the brokerage firm at which you have your account to enquire about your dividend payment.

How do I have dividends deposited directly into my account at a financial institution?
If you currently receive dividend cheques by mail, you can have your dividends deposited directly to your bank account.

Please contact our Transfer Agent and Register to obtain information about this service.



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