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Note 28 Related party transactions

Note 28 Related party transactions


The following table shows BCE’s significant subsidiaries at December 31, 2016. BCE has other subsidiaries which have not been included in the table as each represents less than 10% individually and less than 20% in aggregate of total consolidated revenues.

All of these significant subsidiaries are incorporated in Canada and provide services to each other in the normal course of operations. The value of these transactions is eliminated on consolidation.




2016   2015  

Bell Canada

100 % 100 %

Bell Mobility

100 % 100 %

Bell Media

100 % 100 %



Transactions with joint arrangements and associates

During 2016 and 2015, BCE provided communication services and received programming content and other services in the normal course of business on an arm’s length basis to and from its joint arrangements and associates. Our joint arrangements and associates include MLSE, Glentel, and Dome Productions Partnership. From time to time, BCE may be required to make capital contributions in its investments.

In 2016, BCE recognized revenues and incurred expenses with our joint arrangements and associates of $16 million (2015 – $8 million) and $180 million (2015 – $104 million), respectively.


BCE Master Trust Fund

Bimcor Inc. (Bimcor), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bell Canada, is the administrator of the Master Trust. Bimcor recognized management fees of $10 million from the Master Trust for 2016 and $13 million for 2015. The details of BCE’s post-employment benefit plans are set out in Note 22, Post-employment benefit plans.



Compensation of key management personnel and board of directors

The following table includes compensation of the key management personnel and board of directors for the years ended December 31, 2016 and 2015 included in our income statements. Key management personnel include the company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Group President and the executives who report directly to them.


Wages, salaries, fees and related taxes and benefits

(24 ) (32 )

Post-employment benefit plans and OPEBs cost

(4 ) (3 )

Share-based compensation

(27 ) (27 )

Key management personnel and board of directors compensation expense

(55 ) (62 )
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