King City

City: King City

Rate Band: D2a

Primary Exchange Service: Basic Service: Individual Line $32.31, Two-Party Line $15.42, Four-Party Line $14.05 (1, 2, 3)

Touch-Tone Service: Not applicable.

Primary Directory Listing: No Charge (4)

Service Connection Charge: $49.95 (5)

Interest on Deposits: The rate of interest on deposits is the Bank of Canada Target for the Overnight Rate plus 1.25%.

Note 1: Four-party line service is no longer available for new customers.

Note 2: Push button dialing provides for the origination of telephone calls by the use of a telephone equipped with special buttons, instead of a dial. It is provided through the use of Touch-Tone or Digipulse. Effective 8 March 1993, individual line services must be equipped for Touch-Tone dialing (Basic Service). As an exception, Rotary Dial Services (i.e., residence individual line services installed before 8 March 1993, not equipped for Touch-Tone dialing) can remain in service until they are moved to a different premises. Effective 24 May 2015, a discount of $2.80 is applied to Rotary Dial Service.

Note 3: For persons with a disability who require additional equipment to facilitate their use of a telephone service, and who have obtained certification from either a physician or a home care professional acceptable to the Company, a discount of $0.90 is applied to Basic Service.

Note 4: A primary listing contains the following: (a) The name of the residence service customer including the surname, given name or initials or a combination of given name and initials of two individuals having the same or different surnames and who reside in the same premises. The name may also be that of a person for whose use telephone service is applied for by another person. When a customer has business and residence service in the same name, the name may be omitted from the residence primary listing if the latter is indented under the business listing, except in a split residence/business directory when both listings must appear in their appropriate section. When different surnames are used in residence listings, the given name or initials must immediately follow the associated surname. Should the customer request the reverse order of surnames to that used in the primary listing, extra listing charges apply. (b) The address of the premises at which service is furnished, except that the address may be that of other premises or may be omitted when warranted, in the Company?s opinion, by the circumstances. (c) The telephone number of the service.

Note 5: The charge for this function applies for work done in receiving, recording and processing information to comply with a customer's request for the installation of each primary exchange service at a given premises or for the restoration of each line suspended for violation of regulations without termination of service. It also includes work in the Company's wire-centre building and elsewhere to connect or to restore the service. For two and four party primary exchange services it also includes work on the first telephone for each line.